Silver and Gold:
All metal sheet and wire is bought from a bullion dealer in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter who use 100% recycled metals from old jewellery, medical equipment and electronics. 

Eightfourteen gift boxes and their anti-tarnish filler are made from 100% recycled materials. Postal boxes are also made from recycled cardboard, tissue paper is made from recycled pulp fibres, and I use kraft tape so that all cardboard and paper can be easily recycled at home. The twine that I used to wrap gift boxes is compostable 'twool' made from traceable Dartmoor sheep wool and supports British farming and heritage manufacturing businesses.

At my jewellers bench I collect all silver and gold scraps. The majority of these off-cuts are recycled by me into new pieces of jewellery, or returned to Birmingham to be recycled again.
I reuse packaging from any deliveries that I receive.
Zero emissions getting to and from my workshop: It is a walk from my house, as is my source for my business postcards. (The latter is actually a run, much to the amusement of the printers..!) 
I am committed to finding greener ways to run my small business and to keep my carbon footprint as small as possible. I will continue to look for improvement, and to create jewellery that is handcrafted to last.

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