Previous Creations

Humpback Whale Necklace
Custom Order for Louise
Custom for James
Rustic Flower Studs
Ant Bangle
Triathlon Necklace
*SALE* Mixed Metal Circle Necklace
Happy Whale Earrings
Octopus Necklace
Charity Cactus Earrings
Surfite Choker
Abstract Square Earrings
Abstract Squares Necklace
Circle Necklace
Bird on a Branch Necklace #8
Turquoise Necklace v2
Custom Order for Bailey
*ON SALE!* Flying Bird Necklace
Great Dane Necklace
Westie Necklace
*ON SALE!* Humpback Whale
Custom Order for Josh
Simple Star Necklace
Snowflake Necklace v1
Little Star Stud Earrings
Little Pine Tree Earrings
Hammered Sterling Silver Necklace
Bowie Inspired Bangle
British Necklace
Lightning Bolt Choker
Corgi Necklace
Custom Order for JPLUS
Custom Listing for Jodi
Labradorite Beetle Necklace
Pineapple Earrings
Bird Scene Necklace
Little Turquoise Necklace
Bird on a Branch Necklace #7
Hammered Bar Earrings
Amethyst Nature Necklace
Bunny Earrings
Ocean Jasper with Bubble Detail
Custom Hedgehog Necklace
Custom Snowflake Necklace
Labradorite Ring with Beetle
Amethyst Circles Necklace
Bird on a Branch Necklace #6
Custom Listing for Nadine
Running Rabbit Necklace
Mexican Crazy Lace Agate Necklace
Three Linked Circles Earrings
Three Linked Circles Necklace
Mixed Metals Necklace
Swallow Necklace #5
Little Bee Necklace
Weather Studs
Mini Heart Earrings
Silver Birch Necklace
*ON SALE!* Silver Birch Earrings
Shape Studs
Snowflake Necklace
Poppy Jasper Necklace
Teardrop Bird Necklace
Pattern Jasper Necklace
Copper and Silver Circles Necklace
Larvikite Lightning Necklace
Custom for Alasdair
Custom Listing for Emma
Custom for Andrew
Custom Order for JW
Statement Triangle Necklace
Shield Triangle Necklace
Custom Listing for Kirsty
RESERVED for Helen
Custom Order for Denise
Flamingo Necklace
Bird on Branch Necklace #5
Two Flamingo Necklace
Whale Necklace v2
Turtle Necklace
Little Seahorse Necklace
Humpback Whale Necklace v3
Wave Necklace
Swirly Tree Necklace
X Earrings #2
Bird on a Branch Triangle Necklace
"Always" Tag
Flower Dangle Earrings
Flower Necklace
Custom Necklace for Alison
Leaf Skeleton Necklace #2
Butterfly Stud Earrings
Dragonfly Necklace #3
Custom Necklace for Kitty
Humpback Whale Necklace v2
Custom Order for Paul
Dangle Lightning Bolt Earrings
Long Triangle Necklace #2
Little Bird on a Branch Necklace
Custom Rat Necklace for Kirsty
Bunny Earrings #2
X Earrings
Rectangular Bee Necklace
Full Moon Necklace #2
Petite Rabbit Necklace
Hammered Circle Pendant #2
Flying Bird Necklace
Curved Hammered Bar Necklace #2
Hammered Circles Necklace #2
Bunny Earrings #1
Dragonfly with a Heart Necklace
Hummingbird with a Heart Necklace
Framed Vine Necklace
Long Hammered Chain Necklace
Circle Choker Necklet
Medium Heart Ring
Small Heart Ring
Little Moth Ring
Little Flower Ring
Little Bird Ring
Standing Rabbit Necklace
Hammered Circle Necklace #2
Silver Birch Bangle
Silver Birch Dangle Earrings
Silver Birch Multi-Bar Necklace
Silver Birch Single Bar Necklace
Custom Listing for E Wood
Oak Leaf Necklace #2
Industrial Cuff Bangle
Bird on a Branch Necklace #2
Reserved for EW
Custom for EW
Modern Heart Necklace
Modern Heart Earrings
Double Heart Necklace
Hammered Circles Necklace
Circles, Handmade Chain
Custom for V Brown
Hippo with a Heart
Elephant with a Heart
Rabbit with a Heart
Two Birds Necklace
Little Bird Earrings
Heavy Modern Heart Bangle
Double Hammered Circle Necklace
Textured Heart Earrings
Star Earring Studs
Hammered Circle Pendant
Little Heart Stud Earrings
Curved Hammered Bar Necklace #1
Stormy Earrings
Heavy Hammered Heart Bangle
Hedgehog with a Heart
Dragonfly Necklace #2
Snail Necklace
Shield Bug Necklace
Tarantula Necklace
Centipede Necklace
Nymph Necklace
Earwig Necklace
Beetle Necklace
Centipede Bookmark
Linked Circles Necklace
Leaf Skeleton Necklace
Simple Heart Necklace
Flying Dove Necklace
Triple Circle Necklace
Circles Chain Bracelet
Large Double Circles Pendant
Singular Circle Necklace
Falling Circles Necklace
Singular Circle Earrings
Rabbit Silhouette Necklace
Fawn Deer Necklace
Little Hedgehog Necklace
Squirrel Necklace
Two Swallow Necklace
Heavy Hammered Cuff Bangle
Thin Hammered Bangle
Little Owl Necklace
Rectangular Butterfly Necklace
Sparrow Necklace
Cloud Earrings #2
Small Sailing Scene Necklace
Flower Silhouette Necklace
Little Butterfly Necklace
Triangle Point Necklace
Triangle Point Earrings
Curved Hammered Bar Necklace
Swallow Necklace #3
Flower Earrings
Flower Cut-Out Necklace
Mixer Necklace
Curious Rabbit Necklace
Hanging Bat Necklace
Hummingbird Scene Necklace
Bee Necklace
Moth Silhouette Necklace
Pierced Octopus Necklace
Ant Necklace
Dragonfly Necklace
Little Spider Necklace
Long Triangle Necklace
Kingfisher Necklace
Reserved 'Not Today' Necklace
Insect Necklace #1
RESERVED Teapot Necklace
Heart Tag
Owl and Moon Necklace
Circular Bird & Branch Necklace
Custom Rat Necklace 2
Wren Necklace
Manta Ray Necklace
Cupcake Necklace
Cat and Heart Necklace
Dachshund Necklace
Custom Rat Necklace
Hummingbird Necklace
Standing Rabbit Necklace
Moth Necklace
Weather Charm Necklace
RESERVED Four Leaf Clover Necklace
Hand Sawn Star Earrings
Little Love Heart Studs
Bird on a Branch Necklace
Shark Necklace
Sailing Scene Necklace
Seahorse Necklace
Sperm Whale Necklace
Reserved for Alice
Crescent Moon Necklace
Statement Chevron Necklace
Statement Shark Necklace
Bird Silhouette Earrings
Big Square Frame Pendant
Whale Necklace
Custom Necklet
Custom Cufflinks
Dangle Square Earrings
Singular Flower Necklace
Oak Leaf Necklace
Hammered Bangle with NIN Lyrics
Little Cloud Earrings
Little Lightning Bolt Studs
Tiny Lovebird Earrings
Swallow Necklace #2
Swallow Necklace #1
Saw Pierced Heart
Jagged Spike Necklace
Crescent Necklace
Little Heart Earrings #2
Graduated Necklace
Small Hammered Bangle
RESERVED Layered Mixed Necklace
NIN Lyrics Bangle
Rain Drop Necklace
Tiny Heart Earrings
Custom Owl Necklace
Simple Heavy Cuff Bangle
Wabi-Sabi Wire #2
Hammered Heart Outline Necklace
Wabi-Sabi Wire #1
Mixed Texture Necklace
Textured Square Earrings
Hammered Frame Necklace
Moon Necklace
Hammered Bar Earrings
Hammered Drop Necklace
Hammered Drop Earrings
Tiny Brushed Heart Earrings
Hammered Bar Necklace
Hammered Heart Necklace
Layered Point Necklace
Scroll Necklace
Small Recycled Brushed Square Earrings
Triple Triangle Necklace
Brushed Modern Heart Earrings
Little Lightning Bolt Earrings
Brushed Spike Earrings
Wing Man Cufflinks
Brushed Geometric Dagger Earrings
NIN Inspired Necklace
Little Star Earrings
Custom 'Closer' Necklace
Little Heart Earrings
Haunted Necklace
Fragile Necklace
Spaghetti Junction Necklace
NIN Inspired Silver & Copper Necklace
Weather Charm Bracelet
Stud Antler Earrings
Rabbit Bracelet
Triangle Earrings
Chevron Necklace
Recycled Triangle Necklace
Rabbit Necklace
Abstract Ring
Swallow Bangle
Heart Bracelet
Peace Bangle
Lightning Bolt Necklace
Antler Earrings
Bat Necklace
Shark Fin Earrings
Lightning Bolt Earrings
Owl Necklace
Brushed Square Earrings
Triple Spike Necklace
Octopus Necklace