This summer, since moving to LA, I took advantage of the sunshine and did some jewellery photoshoots!

The necklace in this photo is the 'Statement Agate and Larvikite Necklace', and also featured is the 'Labradorite with Hidden Insect Ring'.

I'm pretty happy with how the photos turned out, so I will post a few more when I've filtered through them and picked my favourites.

I've finally combined my love for chain making and stones! This labradorite necklace is entirely hand made, from the fine silver bezel with the hand sawn moon and stars on the back of the sterling silver base, to the labor of love that is the chain. I used different gauges of sterling silver for the first time on this chain- when using the slimmer wire, I have doubled the links, to add a nice little layered circle effect every so often along the length of the necklace. The s-hook clasp that I've made also makes it possible to wear this necklace at different lengths, so that you can adjust it to suit what you're wearing. I'm not going to lie, I've spent a lot of time getting this necklace to where I want it to be, and I'm super happy with the final piece!

I'm gradually introducing stones into some of my work, and it's so exciting! I was lucky enough to visit a gem fair in California this summer, and I picked up a few beauties there, and I'm now addicted...

Bezel making, with a hand sawn rose design.

Bird necklaces in progress for a wedding order.

Custom hedgehog <3

Personalised bunting necklace... this was a fun commission, and turned out super cute!

Standing Rabbit Necklace

The Centipede Bookmark being made..

The Leaf Skeleton Necklace being worked on at Barton Marina in the sunshine!

Ring Making

Bird Necklaces (now sold)

Custom greyhound necklace- with a name stamped onto the reverse.

Insect commission.. I loved making this!

Bangle making at an arts fair!


Rings and things..

Saw piercing today - this little guy is scrap, but too cute!